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Gabmar Homes believes in quality craftmanship while meeting the affordability needs of new home owners. Domenico Iannetti is a hands-on building specialist with over 25 years of experience creating just the right home for families across Niagara. Available and approachable, no detail is too trivial in order to achieve the high standards Domenico strives for. With experience in a wide variety of home styles, Domenico turns your dream home plans into your custom dream home.


Take a deep breath and relax, Gabmar takes the stress out of selling and buying a home with Domenico’s Sales Coordination Services, part of the Gabmar HOMES Program.  Professional, licensed real estate services that integrates your current home’s  sale with the closing date of your new Gabmar home for a smooth transition and a less stressful purchasing experience.


Purchasing a new home is one of the largest financial decisions you may make and Gabmar Homes is there to ensure you choose just the right home design. Asking and answering the right questions on how you will live in your home and the environment you wish to create is part of Domenico’s expertise. Taking your needs and wants into consideration and utilizing his custom Gabmar Home Planning Process, you’ll be confident in your choice of the perfect home for you.


Paperwork, registrations, permits! When moving into a new home there are plenty of pesky purchasing errands that are very time consuming and can create unneeded anxiety. As part of the Gabmar HOMES Program, Domenico will coordinate all paperwork, request available warranties, arrange utilities as well as other needed services on your behalf. All you have to do is move into your Gabmar Home and enjoy!


The quality and craftsmanship of a Gabmar home are unparalleled in Niagara. The many touches of elegance, design and high standard materials that you would pay extra for elsewhere are simply part of your experience with Gabmar. Gleaming hardwood floors, sparkling granite counters, secure multi point latches and elegant Dashwood casement windows are only a few of the touches of quality part of a Gabmar home. Under Domenico’s watchful guidance, great care is taken to ensure your home is a cut above the rest.


Gabmar Homes understands that every person, couple, family, is unique and their needs, budgets and situations are as individual as they are. Quality and care are the cornerstones of Gabmar and Domenico prides himself on designing homes at A Price Point for all. From a first home to a retirement haven, Domenico will create the perfectly planned home, suited to how you want to live, in a price point that lets you live, comfortably.

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